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Tire Buying Guide
How to get the most for your Money!

tires from a big box discount store isn’t bad if you understand everything there
is to know about tires and you are willing to mount, balance, rotate and service
flats. Getting into tires that fit your needs and that will perform to your
expectations takes someone who has spent the time learning about how and why
tires handle and perform the way they do (unlike some night stock boy). The
true value of something is not on the front end of a purchase. It is amazing how
many great deals one comes across only to cost more than a premium product in
the end because you where misled (or not led at all) by a person who didn’t
know his product (or that doesn’t exist). The cost difference is less than one
tenth of one cent per mile from having premium tires installed by a certified
professional that fit your driving needs and someone who throws
tires in a shopping cart. If you don’t have someone you trust ask a friend who
has nice things and doesn’t complain a lot where he shops. If you follow RULE
#1 the rest of the rules don’t matter.

2. Have them inspect your tire wear. Fix any front end problems
before you install or your just wasting your time and money.

3. Get tire size off the door.

4. Define your needs and driving habits.

5. Ask about the UTQG Rating, Speed Rating, Sipe
Depth, Traction and Temperature Rating. If they look at
you like you are from outer space excuse yourself and go (Run Forest Run) this
person doesn’t know tires.

6. Ask how much an alignment is and the wait time you
can expect when you return for free rotates.

7. Ask time needed to install and if your tires are in stock.

8. Ask prices and best value per mile tire they sell. Price
per tire unit is irrelevant if you are spending twice as much per mile to run tires
that don’t last. Real miles expected not rated miles in a straight line with
perfect conditions. Remember installed price with everything included is the only
price that matters. Tire buying is easy if you just follow RULE # 1.