About Us

Not just Hot Air!

American Made  where the Quality  is above the rest

When everyone else is still buying from China Goodyear makes all their tires in the USA and there is a difference. We offer Nationwide Warranty Program to cover you wherever you may roam!

3-year 36,000 mile Warranty


We put this warranty on most everything we sell and it costs you no extra! When you believe in your quality parts it's not hard.  With cheap China parts all over the internet don't be fooled into paying for them twice because they fail fast.

Good Parts- Good Employees


Anyone can throw a cheap chinese part on after watching a youtube video and drive around in an unsafe vehicle with their family at 70 mph. We fix other's mistakes several times a day.  There are no shortcuts that will actually save you money in the long haul, believe me I look for them everyday.

Repair VS Maintenance?

Oil change= 10% maintenance


We are family owned and operated business.

We built a shop in the shape of a barn to represent the country style service we offer to all  who show up at our door.  In an industry that hasn't  always had the greatest reputation, our goal is to let you come to a place that you can trust.  We outfit our shop we top notch techs and tools that keep up with today's technology.  We put on good parts and back them up with a great warranties 3 year 36,000 miles on most parts.  Customers and their families have been coming to us for generations.